Rants & Raves

Comments from readers.


KIDS AND EVEN SOME parents definitely need manners. One parent sent a kid to me as I was getting into my friend’s car to ask me for money. When I turned to her and told her that was obnoxious to get a kid to ask me for money, she said if I’d just pay the kid a dollar, he would not bother me anymore. I let my rage show and told her and the kid that if the kid bothered me anymore I would bother his butt. Kid and mother turned big eyes on me as they both backed off.


WHY IS THE RED CROSS labeling financial donors to the current campaign as heroes? Are they trying to demean our true heroes that fight the battles (military) or save lives on the streets (police, firefighters, paramedics, etc.)? That’s pathetic!


BAURLE BOAT RAMP used to be a nice place to take my family to go boating and enjoy the day. Now it’s just a place for underage thugs to hang out drinking, tearing up roads, throwing out trash and doing drugs. The place looks worse than a dump with all the beer bottles and trash. It sure would be nice to see an effort to make this place nice again, I sure do miss it.


IN REFERENCE TO the June 4 edition of The Augusta Chronicle, I know I live in the Bible Belt and golf is big business here, but I’m really tired of reading about sports and religion on the front page of this newspaper. Keep sports in the sports section and religion in the Faith section.


THE MODERN GAME called “cash back” makes no sense. It’s either a discount, which is still not free money, or it’s a way for the lender to charge you more by giving you some of your own money immediately. Either way, any cash you get “back” was taken from your pocket first. You lose!