Rants & Raves

UPCOMING BALLOT questions: Don’t force political parties on voters. Limit education board members to one two-year term. Make elections of sheriff, etc., be nonpartisan. Even though it’s disgusting, don’t ban smoking. That just makes us all a bit more UN-free. If horse race gambling can be done guaranteeing the mob can’t move in, do it. Since there’s no such guarantee, don’t. Don’t use taxpayer money to move families out of Hyde Park subdivision.


“Universities get more money.” Why? Nobody learns any more. It just provides more absurdly high pay for admin and favored profs.

RICHMOND COUNTY’S population is 201,000. There are 140 school bus drivers. An average 28 drivers lay out each day. Unemployment is 9.9 percent. Something is wrong with the folks who hire, or is there just not anyone responsible in Richmond County?

AS FOR THE TALK about downtown not being lively enough without special sports events or festivals: Even without the Tee Hee Center and on-air parking, there is space to hold events at Augusta Common or by renting spaces like at Marbury Center, the former firehouse.

WAY TO GO, Tommy Burnley. Tell it like it is. McDuffie politics at work again

RANT AGAINST THE ranter who stated, “If Paine College is having problems everyone in Augusta should help to solve the problems ...” You must be kidding. Those of us in Augusta have no obligation whatsoever to help clear up the mess that Paine got itself into.

THE U.S. HOUSE is thinking about voting to give the U.N. power to regulate the Internet. Do our own leaders play the traitor?

RANT TO THE Chronicle. Georgia Tech wins the ACC Baseball Tournament as the eighth seed – first time in history. Yet The Chronicle can only manage three column inches on the last page of the sports section. What do you bet the Dawgs would have been on the front page with color pictures ... if only they weren’t losers this year?

RANT TO SCONYERS Bar-B-Cue for running a FaceBook page that has nothing to do with the restaurant, but all to do with soliciting Facebook “likes” for some politician. I know Mr. Sconyers is in politics, but it has nothing to do with running a quality restaurant. What they are doing is tacky to say the least.