Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



A BIG THANK YOU to the nice man who works on the lawn care crew by Five Guys in Evans. Thank you so much for taking a minute and helping me with my car. You are an angel.


WHY IS THE YMCA Day Camp held outside? The temperature in Georgia gets up to 100, and these kids 5-6 are expected to stay outside. The only water available for them is from a faucet in the outhouse. Move the kids back to the 6,000-square-foot facility.


I TRULY APPRECIATED the paper publishing several prayers submitted by our community online when we had the National Day of Prayer. Why not continue this practice daily and use half the space used for Rants & Raves,” certainly a more productive use of our space and time.


IT IS INTERESTING that the president was blamed when the gas prices spiked and now that the prices are falling there’s not a peep out you ranters. What was that all about?


CITY OF THOMSON, why hire an interim police chief? What is the purpose of the assistant chief? A waste of taxpayers’ money.


KUDOS TO DR. THOMAS – The best principal ever at HMS.


I DO NOT UNDERSTAND how a man who has spent the last 30 years trying to get criminals off from crimes (including a commissioner) now wants to be the head lawman in the county.


IF THE SHERIFF’S office can’t curtail the accidents on Mike Padgett Highway, the Georgia State Patrol should take over. It is a Georgia highway. It might cut down on some of these deaths.


I THINK THAT IF they are going to cut the garbage pickup from twice a week to once a week then the price ought to be cut. Why should we pay the same amount of money when we are getting half of the pickup? It should be half the price as well.


BECAUSE (STUDENTS) did not pass the end-of-the-year test does not mean they can’t walk across that stage to get their certificate of attendance. They earned that right just like anybody else did.


RANT TO THE PEOPLE who speed and tailgate on Walton Way. Learn the speed limit. With all the blind driveways, a school zone and drivers who need to turn onto Arsenal Avenue and into ASU, trying to go 55 mph and riding the tail of the car in front of you is just asking for an accident.