Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



I DO NOT TEACH to receive gifts from parents, but to see the joy in a child’s eyes as they learn to read, and when they master counting to 100, or meet another personal goal. I teach to make sure each one of my students receives the best education they can while they are in my classroom. Thank you to all of my parents for the wonderful candles, note pads, homemade cards, gift cards, sweets, and drawings that adorn the corkboard behind my desk, and most important entrusting me with your child.


A RANT TO THE preschool teacher who requested gift cards from parents for end-of-year presents. As a retired educator, I consider such an attitude an insult to my profession.


I WAS APPALLED with the rant from the preschool teacher who complained about a gift she received. I have been teaching for over 23 years. I don’t teach because I expect to become wealthy.


HOW CAN COLUMBIA County schools cut the budget in half for the 2012-13 school year and still expect each school to pay the debts of the students/parents owed to the cafeteria? Many are for free and reduced-price lunches charged before they were approved.


TO THE PERSON who cannot understand why the CSRA Mustang Club Car Show only allows Ford vehicles, Hello? Mustangs, Fords, There’s your sign.


IT’S FRIGHTENING THAT a person would honestly believe a president could eliminate Social Security and Medicaid. Even more frightening is this person is permitted to vote.


TO THE RANTER WHO worries about the Republicans taking away Social Security and Medicare, when the Democrats get done spending America into oblivion through useless spending on bank bailouts, union bailouts, special interest group entitlements, there won’t be enough money for seniors health care or Social Security.


Is this next government-sponsored ‘fight’ to cure disease going to end as successfully as, say, the breast cancer and diabetes campaigns to end those diseases has? If the government really wants to end diseases, they’d best start gunning for the food industry. There lies the real culprit responsible for the majority of our health woes, Alzheimer’s included.