Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


BEWARE! LOCAL GOVERNMENT brings up weekly one-day trash pickup and still increases user cost. If less costs more, there is something rotten in Denmark.

ISN’T IT ILLEGAL to collect taxes for a specific purpose and not use it for that purpose?

SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE about the driving on Bobby Jones Expressway. Every time we drive on that road I say a prayer to protect our family from harm and possible death. If only Richmond County would hire more law enforcement to patrol this speedway regularly, it would stop these speeders from trying to kill innocent people trying to get to their destinations.

TO THE PRE-SCHOOL teacher whining about the coffee mug, cheap cookies and notepad received from a pupil. How do you know the pupil did not pick those gifts especially for you? As a mom of young children, I get a lot of those gifts, but I love every one of them.

LOOKS LIKE Greece may eventually get expelled from the European Union. Alas, the EU never should have become a union in the first place. On paper, all that socialist stuff sounds appealing to some, but inevitably, it doesn’t work.

A PRESCHOOL TEACHER rants that parents gave her a gift but the gift wasn’t good enough. How sad.

TWO AUGUSTA CLINICS will get federal grants of nearly $10 million to help them “grow.” Part of this will let a clinic leave a perfectly good building and build a new one, obviously a waste. Why does this keep happening?

I DOUBT IF ANYONE will be prosecuted for the Paine College funds mismanagement.

TO THE UNGRATEFUL TEACHER: In my day the teacher got an apple. The “gift” part was if it was “worm-free!” If you’re in it for the gifts, you better consider another career.

IN RESPONSE TO THE rant concerning the Mustang & Ford Show, our spring show has always been a Mustang & Ford Powered event. Our fall show has always been an open show. We also list our charity, where some clubs don’t. We give back to our community. Do you?

WHY IS DEKE STILL talking about a ballpark? Let Ripken put up 50 percent and then build it. He will never put any of his money in Augusta.