Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



RAVES FOR THE staff of the emergency room staff at GHSU for helping my sister in her time of need; they were kind and very patient in a difficult situation. Thanks to Maci H. and her crew that was on the Monday evening shift.


RANTS TO OUR illustrious commission. If cutting the garbage service is going to save all this money, why aren’t the taxpayers going to see a significant refund? It mentions older folks, retirees and veterans as not needing the service. But to pay the same amount of money for less service is not an appropriate response and is not good stewardship of our taxpayer dollars.


THE BURNED HOUSE on Lindsey Road and the burned apartment units on Circular Drive in south Augusta are still there. Still an eyesore and still an environmental hazard. When is Corey Johnson going to make the property owners clean up this mess? Get out and take a look a your district.


IT’S BECOMING A national problem: not using turn signals. Imagine going straight on a 55 mph road when a car using no turn signal turns right in front of you.


IN 1812 THE British prime minister was assassinated. The killer was hanged a week later. Now there’s swift and proper justice.


RAVES TO THE very nice man in line next to me in the Evans Walmart. Thanks for giving me the money that I was lacking to pay the rest of my grocery bill. It was very generous of you.


RAVES TO AIMEE Copeland. I applaud her courage. I feel so sorry for her dad. I have six daughters of my own. I applaud her courage.


HOW DID HUGO Diaz even get a business license if he is an illegal alien? It doesn’t say much for Columbia County’s investigative work.


I’M SO GLAD THAT someone was arrested in the shooting of the Army veteran’s service dog.


AMERICAN HOME ownership is at a 15-year low. Obama has set another record for destructive leadership.


NOW THAT PRESIDENT Obama has solved the health care crisis, eliminated Wall Street greed, provided free contraceptives and formally approved same-sex marriages, it’s now time for him to turn his attention to giving back to its rightful owners all lands stolen from American Indians.