Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



IN THE MIDDLE EAST only Israel is a U.S. ally. The Saudis are not trustworthy. We’re in real trouble.


A HUGE RAVE TO teacher Jenny Landrum and the Watson-Brown Foundation for initiating the garden project at C.T. Walker Elementary School. All children would benefit from the knowledge obtained through flower and vegetable gardening.


PLEASE, WALTER Williams, run for president. I’m sure the George Mason University gig is pretty sweet, but we need you badly.


YOUR ARTICLE ON Deputy Ryan Jones really touched my heart. This man is beyond amazing. Jones faced suffering, struggles, hardships, roadblocks and a lot of other dire circumstances yet he never gave up. Jones is a true hero and shining star in my opinion. I pray for the very best for Jones and his family.


NOT A DAY GOES by without hearing about another atrocity connected to the Obama administration. Our country and economy are suffering, yet we send billions to provide jobs and work for those in other countries. To think Obama has the gall to blame Republicans for all the ills of this country.


I HAVE BEEN ASKING child support for a balance on what I have paid in child support for seven years. Why won’t they give me a total amount?


TO ALL YOU nasty people who drive on Barrington Drive to Tobacco Road and throw your trash into everybody’s yard. Please keep your trash in your cars and throw it into your own trash can. We have to pick up your trash.


KEEP ON GOING, guys, I don’t think either one of you could find your way out of a bucket. I think I am going to write in Mickey Mouse for president.


TRASH SERVICE is being cut in half, but the price remains the same. That means the price of the service doubles. Is Mark Johnson representing the taxpayers or the trash haulers?


IN THE BIBLE IT says Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. President Obama needs to think things over and see what he is doing. He doesn’t know what he is doing.


THANK YOU FOR THE rant on the Veterans Affairs telephone system. I agree that it is the worst system I have ever seen. I am an 87 year old World War II veteran. Please do something about it.