Rants & Raves

Comments from readers.



THE U.S. POST OFFICE is an American tradition. We need to save the U.S. Postal Service even if it would mean that a first-class stamp needs to go up to 50 cents.


THERE WAS ONLY one man on the truck that picks up my grass and leaves. He had to get out of the truck, dump the leaves and get back in the truck. My road has 17 houses on it and it is a short road. Can you imagine what that man is going through in one day’s time? It is not physically possible. He needs another man on that truck.


“DON’T ASK, don’t tell” is gone. The Iraq war is over. And the American auto industry is back. Our president has done these things.


IT’S SAD EVERYONE is in a hurry to leave Iraq and Afghanistan. Those folks need direction and support, not weapons. Why should they care if the world doesn’t?


WE ARE CONSTANTLY told U.S. student grades are lower than other countries. Could it be that we are more concerned with how a school’s sports teams are doing? Sports are fine but should be extracurricular, not taking the students away from classroom. There is a section of the paper devoted to sports, yet any academic accomplishment might rate a small article tucked away in some minor place of the Metro section.


GOVERNMENT WANTS TO spend more tax money raising a Confederate ironclad warship that is “rotting” at the bottom of the Savannah River. It apparently consists of two iron-armored chunks of the ship’s siding, 68 feet long by 24 feet tall. That’s a lot of iron, but how can it cost so many millions? No way. And how can iron “rot”?


IT’S NOT ILLEGAL to carry a knife. A Cross Creek High student owned a knife and left it rather than carry it into school. Yet the student was penalized for obeying the rules. How long before total government stupidity destroys everything in America?


MY RANT IS to those who believe Obama suffers from all kinds of disrespect because of his color. He is treated with lily-white kid gloves because of his color. Did you know that a comedy book and play about assassinating George W. Bush were produced during his administration and Bush didn’t say doodly-squat?