Rants & Raves

A WORD FOR Vice President Biden and others: Remember Sodom and Gomorrah.



I AGREE THAT children shouldn’t be in the headlines. I think children just need help when they are in trouble. At least try that first. And if they have to go to court, the jurors reach the verdict so quickly that half of them are sent away unnecessarily when they just need help.


IF PARENTS CAN’T afford to spend money on high school baseball teams, the children don’t get to play. It seems that politics and money speak louder than performance. How do you explain to a child who has worked hard and is told by the coach that he is good, but he sits on the bench because his parents don’t have the money to help like other parents do? The coaches need to realize they are going to lose a lot of good players.


WHEN THE CARRIER used my newspaper delivery box, someone walking down the street would take it.


RAVES TO ALL the people at the Family Care Group of Thomson for being so kind and understanding and helpful.


RAVES TO THE Wrens postmaster for always taking the time to help people who go in.


RAVES TO THE mayor of Blythe. She is doing a wonderful job.


IT’S SAD EVERYONE is in a hurry to leave Iraq and Afghanistan. Those folks need direction and support, not weapons. Why should they care if the world doesn’t?


A RANTER DOESN’T like animals riding in the backs of pickup trucks. That guy certainly never worked on a farm.


KEEPING THE Rich­mond County garbage fee of $302 is too expensive for once-a-week service.


IF MITT ROMNEY IS going to be a serious contender for the position of president of the U.S., he should put his money where his country is: Take the millions out of the Cayman Islands and put them into the U.S. banks you want to control.


YES, THE RANTER who wants Bible study in schools, your kids are only in school about 40 hours over five days for real school subjects. What you do with the rest of their time is then yours to control. If you can’t teach enough of the Bible at home and at church for those hours, it’s hopeless.