12th District candidate Wright McLeod responds to allegations, says campaign practices 'frugal'

Twelfth District House candidate Wright McLeod said allegations that he cut corners in campaign finance reporting should have said he used frugal spending practices.


In a complaint filed Friday with the Federal Election Commission against McLeod, Scott Paradise, the campaign manager for fellow 12th District Republican candidate Rick Allen, said McLeod was “cutting corners and breaking the law in order to save some money.”

The complaint alleged McLeod copied donor information from Allen’s campaign reports, under-reported the value of office rent donated to his campaign and failed to itemize campaign payroll expenditures.

“Allen’s campaign manager considers the discipline to not waste money as ‘cutting corners,’ ” McLeod said Monday. “Rick Allen’s campaign appears offended by a campaign operating under the same conservative principles as it preaches.”

As of March 31, the Allen campaign had raised $268,162, taken a loan of $100,000 and spent $137,303. The McLeod campaign reported raising $284,346 and spending $85,164.

Allen responded late Monday with a statement that “Wright McLeod is answering questions that weren’t asked. How can we trust him to go to and make our laws when he’s already refusing to follow them?”

12th District congressional candidate Rick Allen files complaint against opponent Wright McLeod's campaign