Rants & Raves

Comments from readers.


TEN KIDS WITH eight women? He’s a multimillion- dollar Jets ball player. And people thought that kind of behavior only happened in the ghetto.

THANKS TO THE PEOPLE too lazy to look at the bottom of the container to see if it is a 1 or 2 for recycling. Now, they took away the Dumpster. I did it for years.

I SUBSCRIBE to The Chronicle on the Internet. I have a rant - to the Press+ company that furnishes the Web site for the AC and matter of fact to the AC too. Hardly a week goes by where I am not prompted to “sign in” - either The Chronicle or the Press+ account. Each one of them has an ID and a password -- mind warping, to say the least. I believe it would be easier to sign on to Fort Knox. I could understand if it were free, but I pay! If it were not for all the wasted paper I would get the paper Chronicle. Try to save trees!!

BEFORE YOU MAKE vacation plans, you’d better put aside some extra money for your electricity bill. Expect the rates to increase drastically this summer as EPA regulations force plants around the country to shut down; and don’t be surprised if we experience brownouts as the temperature rises and the load increases.

DFCS EMPLOYEES who worked on the Ty’Asia case, should not only be fired, they need to be put in jail for this child’s death, along with Jones.

RAVES TO THE aquatics and bus staffs at The Family Y’s Wilson Branch for their stellar performances during the recently completed SPLASH program involving second-graders from several RCSS schools including Copeland and Windsor Spring elementary.

HUNDREDS OF people showed up for the 2nd Tri My Best Triathlon at the Family Y this past Sunday. TV and Radio were there. Where was The Chronicle?

MITT ROMNEY AND the Republicans want to take our country back to tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires and let Wall Street write the rules. We’ve seen that movie before. We know how it ends, and none of us wants a sequel.

CONGRESSMAN PAUL RYAN’S budget is a “Trojan Horse” that will put middle class prosperity out of reach for millions of Americans.

I HAVE PUT IN AT LEAST a half dozen rants and raves over the past couple of years, and none of them have been published. If there is a good explanation, please publish it in the newspaper so those of us who don’t get theirs submitted will know.