Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



CONGRATULATIONS TO WRDW. They have hired a winner. Jessica Dill. She is a good reporter, has a beautiful face and such a pretty smile. I enjoy her reporting.


RANTS TO THOSE doctors who have little or nothing to say or explain to a sick and worried patient. A quick read of the chart, write a prescription, rush away. Proper and caring medical attention matters.


RANT FOR THE inconsiderate people on the river for the Day in the Country event. There were many boats trying to enjoy the concert; I understand that everyone has a right to be on the river during an event, but these people in wake board boats had their radios so loud that others could not hear what the bands were playing. Also we did not come to see the suggestive dancing that was going on. I had my 10-year-old daughter with our family.


HOW IS THE economy going to recover if Romney cuts out Social Security and Medicaid from all the elderly people?


I SAY LEAVE up Channel 6 studios on Reynolds Street. Leave it up and decorate it as a landmark because it has been there for the last hundred years. Put statues of the people who were on staff there.


SEEMS KIND OF ODD the CSRA Mustang Club is putting on their anniversary car show in May for charity, but you can only enter a Ford vehicle.


ARE THE SAVANNAH Riverkeepers still in the Augusta area? I went to the river today, and it looked like a scene out of the TV show Swamp People. It looks like all they wanted was to close down chemical plants and enlist new members – and of course pat themselves on the back.


COMCAST CUSTOMERS, read your monthly bill. I got mine yesterday and it went up again.


SINCE THE NEWS CREW moved to channel 2 from 54, they look great.


WHO GIVES VICE President Joe Biden the authority to say gay people should be married. He is not God. God made these laws many years ago. People are free to choose what they want, but he shouldn’t say that. They just want the gay people’s vote, and I’m a Democrat. They probably don’t even feel that way. They are just saying that to enthuse the people and get more votes during this election time. He is playing with God now when he is telling people to break God’s law. He ought to be ashamed of himself.