Rants & Raves



RANTS TO CARPOOLERS from SRS who park in the Publix parking lot on Furys Ferry Road. You are taking up customer parking places. Find other places to park on the same street, such as the closed Food Lion’s parking.


THERE WAS A comment about white people being pedophiles. On the front page of Metro that same day, there was a story about a black band leader performing sex acts on a 15-year-old. Someone needs to get their facts straight.


I CAN’T UNDERSTAND why you run other editorial cartoons instead of using our local Rick McKee. His are always better-drawn and more pertinent to the subject matter.


KITTY REYNOLDS, from Learning Daycare Center in Grovetown, paid for a bag of potting soil when I, 80 years old and on a small Social Security, was going to buy it. I hope she gets blessed in return. Thanks, Kitty.


WHEN WILL THE North Augusta Department of Public Safety start enforcing the laws for boom-box cars, especially on Bunting and Amherst? They are unbelievable. If they can’t do anything else, just stop one so the word will get around. Please.


RAVES TO Columbia County Sheriff’s Office. Thank you for all the good work you do.


I HAVE BEEN LIVING from age 6 to over age 90 in Europe and the U.S.. In 1976 I moved to Richmond County. Everything was good for me until some lowlife stole money from me while I went to check my mailbox. I wish sincerely that the worst would happen to him or her.


COULD SOMEONE PLEASE tell me why, if you call the Social Security office three different days and ask them the same question, you get three different answers when everything should pull up in front of them on the screen?


I WAS GLAD TO see the editorial cartoon on May 2 about Obama blaming everything on Bush. It is exactly 100 percent correct. Congratulations. You have finally printed the truth.


ANOTHER HOTEL APPROVED and on Walton Way Extension. More trees disappearing in the name of progress. What has the Garden City come to – a parking lot?


I JUST WENT TO a local grocery store. “Sheeple” pay all this money for food and then have to ring yourselves up. Keep on falling for it. I won’t.


ALL THE EM­PLOY­­EES under city gov­ernment should be investigated.