Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



WE ARE GETTING CALLS three or four times a week saying there is something wrong with our credit cards. They want checks to support the local police and now we are getting calls about all this political thing. I think every one of them is a scam, and enough is enough.


IF I WAS TO SAY that the problems pertaining to this nation’s schools (murder, mass murder, sex, total disrespect, the explosion of alternative schools) are directly related to the removal of the Bible and biblical-based principals (respect, restraint, love, obedience), would you consider me a crackpot, naive, uninformed or just ignorant?


WHY DOES PRESIDENT Obama have to leave Washington so often? He takes two to three trips every week. After three years, he has easily spent a billion dollars just to stage his photo ops
delivering messages he could have easily delivered from the White House.


WHY DO LAWMAKERS in Georgia allow animals to ride in the back of pickup trucks? This really baffles me. They seem to have their noses in everyone else’s welfare, but who is concerned about these poor animals? I’ve seen them sliding from side to side in the back of trucks, trying to get their footing, especially when going around bends.


A RANT FOR LAKESIDE High School student in a dark-blue Jeep Laredo. Where did you learn your driving manners? Mirrored sunglasses are obviously distorting your vision.


I FIND IT VERY appealing that with all these Republicans in this red state, no matter how many lies you make up or distort facts about Obama, he will win in November and there is not a thing you can do about it..


WHY IS AMERICA so dirty and filthy? Go to Europe and look at some of the countries over there. They are perfectly beautiful and clean. I think Americans are just lazy. Let’s put down the remote control and get into the sweeping.


OBAMA IS GOING TO be living off of public assistance for the rest of his life. If he is so concerned about the poor, he ought to give all of his income for the rest of the year to the IRS.


I’LL GIVE OBAMA a pat on the back concerning the killing of Osama bin Laden. But the ones who absolutely deserve the credit are the Navy SEALs, military, CIA and others who worked diligently.