Rants & Raves

TO THE PEOPLE who want to dismiss Super­in­tendent Frank Roberson, if you went out on your job sick, would you want your job to dismiss you? Let’s have some compassion for people that are ill. This is not something that this man did on his own; it is something that just happened to him. Let’s be patient.



THE WHOLESALE PRICE of natural gas has fallen 80 percent since 2005, (33 percent in 2011 alone) but our gas bills continue to rise. Why?


RANTS TO The Augusta Chronicle’s Spotted. This is the second year in a row you did not take pictures of Westside’s prom. I was really looking forward to seeing pictures since it seems someone attended every prom in the county … maybe next year.


RANT TO The Augusta Chronicle. Why do I have a newspaper box like my mailbox when your carriers NEVER use them?


COMCAST HAS a line cutting across the middle of my backyard! We have called, written letters, everything to no avail … Contractors will not construct under it, it’s so low-hanging. We are being held hostage! We would actually cut the thing down, but we really like our neighbors.


DURING THE PAST school year, the “elected members” of the Richmond County Board of Education have failed to fully support the students in Richmond County. Their lack of leadership, in my opinion, will have a definite negative impact on the majority of students in Richmond County.


IN REGARD TO THE “decent” people who want Masters tickets, decent people would follow the protocol to get tickets legally and not cause the demand that encourages illegal activity.


THE MAYOR OF Blythe wants to build a new library out here. This is 2012 – everything you need is on the Internet. By the way, whatever happened to the sidewalks promised?


IF A CARELESS MATCH can start a forest fire, why does it take a whole can of lighter fluid to start a charcoal grill?


DISGRACEFUL FEMALES have allowed fashion and style to dominate their lifestyle rather than neatness. The modernistic hairstyle looks worse than a head of a mop and usually covers one or both eyes – a safety hazard, especially while driving. Not to mention the time wasted to push hair from over the eyes. The time could be used more productively.