Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


I WILL NEVER visit the Richmond County Health Department in south Augusta again! This morning I went with my daughter for some shots for college. Kids were running everywhere, playing with the doors, standing in the chairs and parents using profanity when security asked them to watch their kids. This is another example of my tax dollars going to waste.


JUSTICE KAGAN recused herself from the Arizona immigration law case. Her reason: As solicitor general she argued Obama’s opposition to the law before the courts. Why then did Kagan not recuse herself from the Obamacare case?


I DON’T KNOW WHY people around here believe Dr. Wayne Frazier is a good principal. They should try working for him.


BUILD A SKATE PARK if you don’t want us skating in public areas.


RAVES TO MELODY, Robert and Luke at the aquatic center. They are special and always so helpful and so nice.


WATCHED SOME OF the White House correspondents dinner with entertainment provided by the Barack & Jimmy Comedy Duo. The so-called humor was crude, distasteful and totally out of line. Dog remarks were repulsive, and the Secret Service situation is not a laughing matter.


CONGRATULATIONS to Westside High School boys and girls soccer, varsity baseball and boys tennis. We are very proud of our Patriots.


IT AMAZES ME that Richmond County’s recreation department is open to the public for free play in the gym, but organized teams have to pay a high fee for using the gym for basketball practice. We are trying to keep the children off the street by being involved with positive things. Teams have to practice outside in 85-95 degree weather. That is sad.


WHY ARE AUGUSTA residents required to place “garbage” and yard waste in separate containers when the waste haulers place everything into the same vehicle?


AT LEAST SOME of Obama’s policies are having a good effect. He’s killed jobs in this country, causing the illegal immigrants to go back home, where they
probably have a better chance of finding employment.