Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



THIS IS A RANT to Willis Foreman Elementary. For the first time ever, there will be no kindergarten graduation. My child will receive nothing. All my other children had a graduation. This is so unfair.


A HUGE RANT for those folks who find all manner of excuses to badmouth Dr. Ricardo Azziz, of Georgia Health Sciences University. Perhaps they would be more tolerant of him if his name was Richard Smith or some other non-foreign sounding name.


I CAN’T BELIEVE they moved the plastic recyclable bin from the Evans area. I have to go all the way over to William Few Parkway.


THE CONGRESSIONAL Republicans want to reduce government spending by cutting the services Americans need most while giving tax breaks to those who need them least. Their budgetary shell game would eliminate Medicare as we know it, punishing seniors, women and working families.


GEORGIA GOV. Nathan Deal’s Cabinet appointments are 96 percent white men; however, if President Obama’s Cabinet appointments were 96 percent black, the news media would have a field day calling him biased.


IN REGARD TO THE teachers going to Mi Rancho: What they do on their own time is their business. They have to go out and have a drink after dealing with your children all day long.


HOW ABOUT East Geor­gia University Augusta for the new ASU/GHSU combo? The health sciences might note the absence of their mention, but look at some of the big universities, such as UNC Chapel Hill and UVA at Charlottesville. Their med schools are right there within those universities, but they’re not given mention in the formal name. Duke is another that comes to mind.


NOT EVERYONE WHO buys beer on a Sunday is a drunk. If people living in Augusta want to buy a six-pack, they should be able to no matter what day it is and without having to cross state lines. I am all for Sunday sales, and every other day of the week also. Thanks to those 11,802 “drunks” who made it out to vote.


IT IS UNFORTUNATE that students at Paine College cannot receive the Perkins grant, but, people, do not take it out on President George Bradley and his newest staffers. Blame it on former administrations. They are the guilty ones. Bradley is only trying to do what he was brought here for – to make this a better university.


THIS IS TO THE editor of Rants & Raves. It is sickening how your choices are biased against Presi­dent Obama. What ever happened to balance? I have not seen one rant against Mitt Romney, and I have submitted some. It is so unfair how you print all the tainted rants. I know this will never get printed, but not everybody who reads The Chronicle is a Republican.