Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



WHY ARE STUDENTS graduating from high school these days without the skills/knowledge to speak correct grammar? It’s widespread! I understand that language arts courses are required, but what is taught in these classes? What happened to the old-fashioned drills of correct noun/verb usage, pronouns, verb tenses, etc.? It’s a sad situation.


IT’S SELF-SERVING of Warren Baptist Church to offer free breakfast and oil changes to single moms and military wives. What about single dads and military husbands? They are a part of the community, too.


THE RICHMOND COUNTY school board is meeting to discuss personal matters. When it involves our tax dollars, it is a lot more than personal. How about the public’s business?


A RANT TO THE VA hospital. In all of my 75 years, I have never experienced such a bad telephone system. I am of the opinion they do not care. It is incredible how bad that telephone system is.


AS THE SMELL from the trash bins at the post office on Peach Orchard Road permeates the air, it reminds me that I must get out of Richmond County, land of the lost.


FOR THE IVORY TOWER residents who think mobile home dwellers are trash. Those of us who live within our means and take the rest to the bank should not be judged by those who live in golden cookie-cutter houses in gated communities. When we retire we will have the cash in our pockets, where all you will have is a plastic card that you will be paying for for the rest of your lives.


IT IS POSSIBLE that Tom Beck was forced into doing what he did by circumstances beyond his control?


THE ONLY LEGITIMATE way to set loan rates is for the free market to do the setting. Government has no legitimate business setting loan rates – period.


TO THE PEOPLE saying we need to wait still longer to get all the facts about George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin: How long would you wait if your loved one was killed? The police obviously dropped the ball in taking Zimmerman’s word without considering the 911 recording and the fact that he was told not to follow the person he identified as suspicious.


I CAN’T BELIEVE the Salvation Army would register at stores for gifts like brides would.