Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



WAY TO GO Thermal Titans! Plane Pull 2012 winners!! You guys did a great job!


SO THERE WERE people at the Masters who were arrested without monies changing hands? So when those tickets were confiscated, did that mean the ticket owners are now banned from any further Masters even when they didn’t sell or expect monies? And what about the person who only held up fingers and never said anything or even got any ticket? So just holding up fingers in a certain way meant that person had to be arrested? I think that was carrying things too far. And how much ill will do those particular arrests bring to Augusta and Augusta National?


LET’S SAVE THE KIDS and save the death penalty trials: Once you have parents guilty of child abuse and/or child death, sterilize the parents and keep them on lists to NEVER get a child or animal for any reason.


ISN’T IT TIME TO give as much newspaper attention to our students who are going to college for academics as we do for those who are signing on for athletics?


OBAMA REACHED A “deal” with Afghanistan, to give zillions of our dollars for a full decade for “security” in that country. Is there such a thing as “security” in a 6th century society? Ten years from now, who knows how many dictators will we have supported over there?


SENATORS ISAKSON AND Chambliss and Rep. Barrow are all for spending non-existent federal tax money to pay for things like “kayak launch sites” on the Augusta Canal. Rep. Broun is against this waste. The federal government is flat broke so these money wasters want to pour more down the drain, and for what? A kayak launch site? That means a bank on a body of water.


KILLERS KNOW THAT KILLING is wrong, otherwise, they’d do their killing and raping in broad daylight for all to see. If these lawyers would work to ensure their clients get FAIR trials rather than doing anything they can get away with to stall and keep guilty murders and rapists from being executed, they wouldn’t feel any strain. Will modern defense lawyers – mostly taxpayer paid – go back to seeking justice?