Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



HEALTH CARE IS A responsibility, like car care is needed, so insurance for health makes sense. Until the courts can pass laws that prevent free medical help to any adult who refuses to buy health insurance, then this current health care is what fits the bill to help the majority of us. Plus, the protection that those of us insured can’t be dropped from our insurance after we get cancer or other severe illnesses.


ANYONE WHO protests anything in the daytime working hours is instantly labeled as either homeless or jobless? People, have you not heard of vacation time? How about comp time that’s owed? How about the boss’s wish that “you do what you want, you deserve that time”?


SHAME ON THE financial officers of Paine College who caused such a mess. They need to do right by the history of their school and the great leaders who set it up 130 years ago, not to mention the students of today and tomorrow.


A RANT FOR THE Richmond County Sheriff’s Office and the Masters ticket arrests. Just when I start thinking local officers are competent and professional as with the recent sting operations, they pull a Barney Fife operation like the Masters busts. For those too young for the Mayberry reference, Barney was a well-intentioned but over-zealous and dim-witted deputy, kind of like those officers involved in the Masters busts. An embarrassment for Augusta. I wonder if one of the candidates for sheriff was responsible for this? I wouldn’t vote for any candidate so involved.


I AM A REPUBLICAN and am having a hard time getting behind Mitt Romney for president. He and the Republicans want to privatize Social Security and end Medicare as we know it. I have worked 40 years of my life and paid into both programs. Now that it time for me to benefit from these programs, the Republicans want to change them.


THE OLD BURNED apartments on Circular Drive off Peach Orchard Road are an eyesore, unsafe and an environmental hazard. When is something going to be done about them? Richmond County code enforcement and Augusta Commission, please make the owner of the property take responsibility and correct this problem.


THANKS TO THE unsung heroes riding the trucks picking up yard waste. You are careful to return and sometimes stack the containers on Eastside Court.