Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


IF SOMEONE punched me in the face and tried to bash my head into concrete, I would try to defend myself, too.

THIS IS FOR a ranter who can’t figure out the difference between a state requirement for a driver’s license and a federal requirement to buy health insurance. One difference is that the driver’s license is a state mandate and Obamacare is an unconstitutional federal mandate – all the difference in the world. The U.S. Constitution exists to stop the feds from such unconstitutional power grabbing.

LIBERALS CALL IT discriminatory to “racially profile.” Sadly, in the Tray­von Martin case, the cause of any racial profiling that may or may not have been involved comes from so many young black males stacking the stats.

RANT TO ALL those with vehicles that have cock-eyed headlights: If you’re not shining or gigging, please align them.

HUGE RAVE FOR Allen with Cool Ray Mechan­ical in North Augusta. You came when expected and diagnosed and fixed my problem quickly and accurately. Thank you for a job well done.

UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL has such potential, but do they realize the damage they did by stopping offering assistance to elderly and disabled from the parking decks? What happens to them?

IT’S BAD ENOUGH that the Republicans in Cong­ress want to deal with the national debt by making life harder on seniors and hard-working families, but Republicans have added insult by simultaneously proposing huge tax breaks for millionaires and giant corporations that already pay little if any taxes. Don’t let Republicans further undermine the middle with this terrible plan.

ALL THE COMMENTS I read are directed at black crime. I read the paper and listen to the news daily. I see plenty of white crime, especially with pedophilia, corruption and crime motivated by greed. Get your facts straight … blacks are not the only people committing crimes.

A RAVE FOR President Oba­ma – he did what no other president has done in years! President Oba­ma has made the economy so bad Mexi­cans here illegally are sneaking back into Mexico!