Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



RANT TO COMCAST for installing a new cable and not burying the cable. Repeated requests to bury the unsightly orange cable have been ignored for more than 30 days.


THE FOUNDERS debated and voted down an income tax. My suggestion is no tax on income. Founders financed the federal government with import and excise taxes. Thus, when the economy started to fall, imports would fall, and therefore revenues would fall, forcing an unyielding governor on government. The founders were much smarter than today’s politicians, plus not one founder was a Marxist.


A RANT AGAINST Columbia County police not enforcing road standards that keep dump trucks coming from the gravel plant on Columbia Road from spilling gravel and rocks all over the road. My new car was trashed because of the 200-foot-long area that was covered in rocks and gravel right next to the gravel plant. I now need a new windshield and repaint of the entire front of the vehicle. I constantly see large areas of spilled rock and gravel on that road.


RAVES FOR MR. Wiley at the Richmond County Transportation Department. As an employee for the Transpor­tation Department I would simply like to congratulate you on a job well done. Your efforts have truly increased our safety on the school buses as well as the children we transport.


I WOULD LIKE TO thank all the people in the older section of Forest Creek for making the subdivision rundown.


I WANT TO compliment Tim Tebow. He is always thinking of someone else. No matter what people say, he always has something nice to say. He puts his trust in God and doesn’t have anything negative to say.

I THINK IT IS A shame and a disgrace that deputies are arresting decent people who want tickets to the Masters when they let a known drug dealer go free. He lives right next to my front door, but they refuse to do anything about him.


THE REASON THAT the pollution level is declining is because people can’t afford to drive their care any more. The price of gas is the reason.


THIS IS A RANT to the Richmond County school board. We have got to stop rewarding these school superintendents. If this man cannot do his job, get someone who can. Would you hold a teacher’s job this long? This is the taxpayer’s money you are giving away.