Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



WHO DIED AND MADE Dr. Azziz king of Richmond County? This is getting ridiculous that this man is running the city of Augusta. It functioned for a long time before he got here. If he was on the ballot, he would be voted out.


WHAT IS IT ABOUT closing all of these streets? Don‘t these people know how to cross the street on their own? That is the problem, not the traffic, not the speeders, but people not paying attention to what is coming toward them and waiting for the light.


PRESIDENT OBAMA SAYS, “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth.” This is true, but President Obama did get a silver spoon education. Punahou, where President Obama went to high school, is one of the most expensive prep schools in America.


RANT TO THE teachers who get drunk at Mi Rancho each week. You are supposed to be professional and be role models to today’s children. However, you come into the restaurant, get drunk, get loud and slur your words when singing karaoke. Richmond County board members need to visit Mi Rancho and see these teachers in action.


THE EARTHQUAKE IN Appling last week was a sign from God that we do not need a traffic light in Appling. What a waste of taxpayer’s money.


MR. BECK BEING fired is a mockery to the Richmond County government.


IT IS A FEDERAL LAW that the bus drivers wear a seat belt. Bus drivers need to buckle up and not fly through these neighborhoods.


RANT TO SCHOOL nurses and parents who can’t get the lice epidemic under control. Yes, private schools get lice, too. Is it the nurse trying to keep things quiet or is it the parents who don’t fully treat their children? Enough is enough.


HARLEM, YOU HAVE a school zone on Gordon Highway where there is no school. I have never seen a single person cross Gordon Highway while the school zone is active in the 10 years I’ve been commuting that way. Given the strict enforcement, the low speed (25), the lack of a school on that road, and lack of children in the school zone, it seems to have more to do with revenue than safety.


THIS IS A RANT to the folks who left the parking lot a pigsty at Riverview Park in North Augusta on April 21. I was told it was a basketball tournament. Take your trash with you next time you use our facility. It was Earth Day. Shame on you!