Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


IF YOU ARE breaking the law in North Augusta, you deserve a ticket. So just stay out of our neighborhood if you don’t live here and want to break the law.

WHY IN THE WORLD is Alvin Mason still one of our community leaders sitting on the commission? This man is no role model. Come on, guys.

ANIMAL CONTROL needs to pick up all these dogs that are barking and chasing cars up and down the street.

RAVES TO MS. PAM at the Harlem IGA. She is always nice and polite to customers.

TO SEE WHY no one wants to move to Augusta, ride down Rhodes Drive and Lindsey Road in south Augusta. There are houses that aren’t fit to live in. Houses and yards are nasty, full of trash, and one in particular has black plastic on every window. One was burned months ago and is still sitting. This is an eyesore and a safety and environmental hazard.

THIS IS A RANT to whoever selects the Rants & Raves. You can never resist printing derogatory and inflammatory comments from ranters about people on public assistance and anti-Obama remarks. Try printing a balance because I know there are people sending in rants about Republicans that we never get to see.

THE PEOPLE OF South Carolina don’t even know how to drive. Why would anyone consider that they know how to manufacture tires?

RAVES TO THE Rich­mond County DMV. All the windows were open and the line was long, but it only took me 10 minutes to take care of my business. What a joy. … Thanks to Marcie Whitfield, who made it so easy.

IF OUR LOCAL government is going to cut trash pickup from the twice a week to once a week, it will need to give residents additional cans or this city will go from the Garden City of the South to the trashiest city of the South.

CLAIMING SAFETY reasons, GHSU President Ricardo Azziz is trying to jam up traffic in his area. Now Paine College is trying to do the same thing. Can this be a coincidence?

SCIENTISTS HAVE replicated artificial DNA. Man surely does want to be God, but man can’t pull it off. Even the ambitious geniuses admit this new stuff “isn’t entirely artificial.” In other words, God made everything, so anything man can do with that stuff still requires God’s “stuff” to get started.

U.S. REP. PAUL Broun, in answer to your loaded e-mail question, I agree with the Buffett rule. I just don’t want to go to or “like” your Facebook page in order to say so.

THIS IS A RANT for the trash service in Richmond County.