Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



FOR THE INCONSIDERATE teen who called my wife a “fat pig” at the Walmart on Bobby Jones, I want you to know she has a severe medical condition and what you said truly upset her. Now she doesn’t even want to leave the house. I hope you are really happy with yourself.


WE LOVE THE new trees on Broad Street, but why are they only on one side of the street?


IT IS PITIFUL THAT students at one of the highest-ranking schools, Davidson Fine Arts School, are into drug/medication dealing.


THE STATE OF GEORGIA requires you to have car insurance before they will issue you a drivers’ license. The national health care reform plan requires you to buy health insurance if you are breathing.


I JUST BOUGHT MY groceries and just did have enough to pay for them. Yes I work, and have all my life and nothing makes me madder than to be behind someone in line in front of me using a food stamp card to pay for two grocery carts full of groceries. Working people are tired of deadbeats.


A HUGE RAVE TO Gold Cross Chief of Operations Ernie Doss for watching my 9-year-old son briefly until I could arrive from work while my wife was taken by ambulance to the hospital with severe chest pains.


RANTS FOR THE new library downtown in Augusta. The women’s bathroom was trashed. Someone needs to repaint the doors, and the toilet paper needs to be down-sized a little. Too big for the holder and there were paper towels in the other toilet. It just makes you wonder if people trash their own bathrooms at home.


BRING SHIRLEY LEWIS back! George Bradley fired all of the staff members who knew what they were doing as far as the finances of Paine College; now I think its time to fire him.


ONE PICTURE IS WORTH a thousand words. The front page photo of GHSU’s President Azziz and ASU’s President Bloodworth says a great deal. Azziz appears victorious and poor Bloodworth appears to be a saddened and humiliated.


I LOVED SATURDAY’S editorial about the dog. Our dog rode in the back of the truck to Clarks Hill last weekend. Nobody fussed.