Comments from readers:


YOUR EDITORIAL SAYS the school board must be “compassionate” about the sick superintendent. How about compassion for the students and the taxpayers? It’s tragic that Roberson is sick, but if he is, he is thus unqualified and must be taken care of but not kept in an office he clearly is not handling – at all. Cut his pay back to something reasonable, disqualify him and take him out of office, and hire a true superintendent, not another interim. You can’t let compassion sink the ship.

SENATE DEMOCRATS have refused for several years to obey the law and pass a budget, thus they’ve broken the law more than once.

COLUMBIA COUNTY discontinued recycling plastic bottles and milk jugs at the government center. They were getting too many detergent, household and yard plastic bottles. Really, this is a matter of education. How many people know the difference between “No. 1 & 2” plastic.

THE 2500 BLOCK OF Pineview Drive needs speed bumps. The cut-through traffic to avoid the red light at Deans Bridge and Lumpkin roads is getting out of hand. Now some 18-wheelers, who can’t make their turns onto Deans Bridge from the Circle K parking lot, are going down Pineview to enter Lumpkin then circling back to Deans Bridge to enter Bobby Jones. Pineview is not made for those big trucks to travel. We need “do not enter signs” for these trucks, speed bumps and a lower speed limit. What do we need to do?

DO WE EVEN HAVE a commissioner out here in south Richmond County? You’d never know it. But it looks like the downtown and Hill crowd got an extra one because he seems more concerned about their interests than what is happening in his own district.

WHAT’S THE DEAL with these old, gray-haired men trying to copy the young folks with their hair sticking out in all directions? Grow up, grandpa!