Rants & Raves

A STORY MENTIONS Rep. Barrow “defending his eastern Georgia House seat.” Which seat is that? From Athens? From Savannah? Augusta? If he keeps moving to a new district, it’s a NEW seat he’s grabbing for, thus he’s defending zip. Does anybody know where Barrow really lives?



RANT TO HARLEY for calling Ashley the “Benchwarmer.” It’s derogatory to athletes. Ashley needs to start referring to Harley as the “Old Has-Been” and see how he likes it!


OBAMA’S LAST chant for his followers was “yes we can.” Well, he did and now we know he can’t because he doesn’t know how... Now his mantra is a “fairness policy.” Is it fair for women who want to have birth control pills to get them free (on us taxpayers) when other women who choose not to use them or women past birth age to not get them? It seems fair that those women should be compensated for not accepting free birth control. Sound stupid? What is stupid is the government controlling what is fair; as in the old Soviet block, current North Korea and Syria, other lands under dictators. Fair is the government staying out of my house and bedroom, not to mention my pocket!


THERE HAD NEVER BEEN a need for someone for sheriff as long as Strength was working. That man kept finding more and more ways to nab criminals even as his budget and staff were cut. If a woman was ready to take over, she would have come out to run for sheriff by now. Too bad we don’t have one ready just now and when Peebles wins, he’s going to last a good, long time because he’s smart.


CATS MAY NOT BE controllable but people can do a better job to keep them in yards or better yet, indoors. No need to populate the neighborhoods with yet other wild lives to suffer.


WHAT’S WRONG WITH people to want to forgive student debts? We are already giving away too dang much through welfare, way too extended unemployment monies, food stamp cards, and freebies right and left in food and clothing to people. Why on earth should students get to charge their “living” expenses (that includes utility bills, rent, and apparently any dang thing they want to “pay” for with the loan monies besides books, tuition and student fees) and then have it all dropped? That will only give even more lazy people motive to try to stay even longer in school to suck away at the monies, and then demand to have all those monies vanish. Don’t you see all those figures of people going five, even six years at school before they graduate?