Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



TOO MANY KIDS are dying. Not a lot of people doing anything about it. Too many people knew how these poor little kids were living. I bet the parents were having a fine old time at the club. Praying won’t help this. Execution is a good start for these so-called parents.


MY WATER BILL reads $26.68 for water and $40.14 for sewer. This bill is as much as my power bill. It’s just my wife and I living in the home. My water pressure is 125 psi and should be 60-65 psi. They are ripping us off and we can’t do anything about it.


CLAIMIN’ THE RICH were not paying their share of taxes, the Democrats pushed through the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). Today the AMT impacts many other taxpayers. Based on their past success of raising taxes under the guise of taxing the rich, the Democrats are again employing this back-door tactic in an attempt to raise taxes. It is past time that a fair tax was developed by an independent committee free from bureaucratic meddling.


TWICE A WEEK trash pickup has always been too much, but yard waste and bulk once a week is not enough. What to do?


FREEZING ON Friday morning and 90 degrees two days later. Those people better quit messing with the weather. PS we need some tropical activity this year. Really. Fill the reservoirs.


FOR THOSE ASTOUNDED at people wearing their jammies to the store, chalk it up to stupidity.


THE TRAYVON MARTIN CASE brought out the worst in people. Now you know who the racists really are. Every time there is a hoop-tee-doo that causes an uproar where all the facts get muddled to the point on one knows what really happened, in steps Al and Jesse to make it part of their race-baiting agenda.


I KNOW YOU ARE not going to print this. Rant to the high and mighty residents in Columbia County. Excuse me, I am also a resident of Columbia County, black, a property owner, and pay taxes. Not everyone in Columbia County are Republicans, you can hang that up. Furthermore, Ronald Reagan did not own a thing in Columbia County, and did not pay one cent of taxes. I do not know where all these newcomers come from, but I sure hope they move back to Augusta, or some place else.