Rants & Raves

Comments from readers.



IN A STORY ABOUT the insertion of “military and global affairs” into a medical school and local college, neither Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz nor his quest for power is mentioned. Is he beginning to work behind the scenes? We’re told the excuse for this new connection of military, medical and college is to make it easier for ex-soldiers to fill out an entrance application. If a person can’t fill out an application, does he belong in college?


TO ALL OF THE female officers of Richmond County Sheriff Office: Why doesn’t one of you run for sheriff? We need a woman up there. They’ll straighten out the sheriff’s office. You’ve got my vote.


LEAVE THE STADIUM where it is and stop harassing the public about relocating it. Leave it and make improvements. It would cost less, and Columbia County residents don’t like to drive way downtown.


THEY TOOK AWAY all the beautiful trees and landscaping around Interstate 20 leading to Washington Road and into South Carolina. Now they have taken away our beautiful trees along Gordon Highway at Bobby Jones Expressway. The Garden City is becoming an asphalt and concrete jungle.


EVERY TIME YOU turn around there is something in the news about someone being murdered. Young males equate killing someone with stealing a cookie from a cookie jar. They don’t attach much gravity to the taking of another human life.


WHY ARE ALL THESE people walking around in their pajamas? Grocery store, post office, schools. I think something should be done about it. It is ridiculous.

PEOPLE, IF YOU like your cats more than you like people, keep them in your house at all times.

A NEW FEDERAL study added $50 mil­lion to the cost of deepening the port at Savannah. One, that $50 million does not exist in the federal treasury. Two, only modern government under Obama can throw around $50 million like it was peanuts. Until Americans wake up, see and stop the blatant crime committed by our “leaders,” we will continue to sink.

ISN’T MICHELLE Obama a stay-at-home mom?