Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



WHAT IS THE REASON for the decimation of trees along Bobby Jones Expressway? The result is ugly!


NO WONDER Augusta is such a messed-up place. Commissioner Alvin Mason, who was arrested for domestic violence, was recently at a local elementary school to mentor. Can’t we find a better role model?


PERSONNEL CUTS for the Richmond County school board but only for the lowest-paid people. What about the ones down in the central office who need a personal secretary?


THE GEORGIA SENATE passed a bill that claims to fix “ethics” in Georgia politics. Alas, they sneaked it through fast and quietly, a sure sign of something to watch out for.


HOW DOES AL SHARPTON call himself a pastor while calling for civil unrest. Doesn’t he know he will be held to a higher standard?


AT NO TIME HAS there been a mention of reduction of school board employees, neither in Richmond or Columbia County. By cutting some of the top positions, just possibly the budget could be balanced. There might even be money to buy school supplies for the students who never seem to have a pencil or paper.


A BIG RAVE TO the very nice lady from Thomson who paid for our supper at the Japanese restaurant several weeks ago. With all the bad news we keep hearing, it is wonderful to know that kindness is still in existence.


THE NEW organizational chart from Dr. Ricardo Azziz shows a “complex … hierarchy” and a “complex clinic admin.” That’s standard procedure for anybody wanting to keep folks confused while he grabs all the reins.


I’M SO PROUD to be a parent of a child who goes to Riverside Middle. It seems to me that every other middle school in Columbia County is in the paper for something these days. The teachers and staffers at Riverside take pride in their school and do their best to teach our children the importance of right and wrong. I’m proud to say I’m glad to be an Eagle.


WHEN GEORGE Zimmerman is exonerated, I hope he sues Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the NAACP for defamation of character.