Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


MOST POLITICIANS, both parties, speak of tax cuts and immediately say they must find ways to “pay for” those cuts. To say to “pay for” tax cuts is a lingo that is designed to make the Marxists in our government sound like down-to-earth, sensible people. And in so doing, while pretending to want to cut taxes, they sneak in a way to NEVER cut spending, thus taxes will never be cut either. The whole point of a tax cut is to give government less to spend, but as soon as you make up the difference, i.e., “pay for the tax cut,” the government ends up with the same overspending.

THE AMOUNT OF homework that the teachers at A.R. Johnson assigned for spring break is ridiculous. Good thing we couldn’t go on vacation because this would
never have been completed.

IT’S GETTING OLD hearing all the complaints about cyclists. I’m sorry you have to pay attention to the road. I’m sorry you can’t text and drive. I’m sorry you are overweight with diabetes and heart disease. Some of us care about our health and being good role models to our children. Nobody has ever complained about secondhand bike smoke.

AT THE GOODWILL STORE the cupboards are bare. Poor people are buying but the better-off people aren’t letting go of their stuff. No shoes for men at all. Come on; start giving again.

ISN’T IT ODD THAT before government took over schools and unions took over teachers, children learned wonderfully well from teachers who wrote their own tests, observed their pupils each day and thus could ultimately judge best how a student was doing?

RICHMOND COUNTY Schools held a “pep rally” to get kids motivated to take a competency test. Consider ball games; both sides hold pep rallies, but only
one team wins. Will a
pep rally instruct even one pupil in math, history, English? Sad government balderdash!

AMERICANS OWE $2,200 per person on credit cards. It looks like the average guy is just as
stupid as politicians; we all think we can borrow our way to prosperity.

CONCERNING THE lottery: Anything connected to a computer can be manipulated.

PRESIDENT OBAMA needs to “man up” and accept the blame for the mess that he’s made.