Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


THE NEW JAIL includes a 164-bed med facility. That’s bigger than most Georgia/S.C. county hospitals. Meanwhile, the not-so-old Walton Way jail is falling apart. When a building can’t last 27 years, something about those architects and politicians looks amiss.

UP UNTIL ABOUT the end of World War II, most doctors worked on many patients and never charged them a penny. After the war, more socialists got into government and pretty soon government was screwing up medical care something fierce by raising taxes and making big, impossible promises. Now, 65 years later, doctors can’t afford to work for free. But socialists are happy as pigs in pens.

WE NEED TO HAVE the Masters in Augusta once a month. It seems like it’s the only time the city cleans up around here.

I FIND IT QUITE AMUSING Obama would criticize the Supreme Court for “legislating from the bench” in regards to the government takeover of health care. Yet, he appointed two liberals with the explicit purpose of having them “legislate” from a liberal viewpoint. Odd how Obama wants to change the rules to suit his socialistic agenda.

JOHN BARROW IS sponsoring a balanced budget law. Apparently, he is pretending to be conservative so that he can get re-elected. He’s still a liberal.

A NEW HOSPITAL IN McDuffie County is like a “field of dreams.” If the patient load is low now, why will a new hospital increase the patients? Dumb leaders wasting money.

I JUST SPENT A wonderful day on the course. You have to love this time of year in Augusta. My only complaint is that the pimento cheese sandwiches seemed a bit off this year. Did they change the recipe? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

I WOULD LIKE TO rave about the care and treatment I received while in Doctors Hospital from March 5-27. To everyone, including the housekeeping staff, I couldn’t have been more pleased. May God bless you all.