Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



A BIG RAVE FOR people that helped South Ha­ven Baptist Church secure the necessary funds for the children’s playground equipment after the $1,200 in coins was stolen from them in December. The photo of them with their new playground was awesome.


I CANNOT UNDERSTAND a parent who keeps loaded weapons where kids can get to them and play with them as if they are harmless toys. Perhaps these parents never read of the tragedies of young kids being killed.


RAVE TO SCOTT PEEBLES for being experienced (see Operations Augusta Ink, Fox Hunt and Smoke Screen) and for not serving a small group in this county but rather working for the entirety of Augusta-Richmond County.


THE MORTGAGE BAILOUT is unfair. I worked two jobs most of my life, drove used cars, no cell phone or other electronic gadgets, very few vacations and no eating out. I have almost paid off my mortgage. I also lost several thousand dollars on my 401(k), which I would love for Obama to help build back up. I suspect I’m in a different class to qualify for his Robin Hood handouts, though.


A CALIFORNIA COP arrested a man for reading the Bible on public property. If that’s not attacking the constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion, what is? Somebody needs to arrest that cop and everybody involved in writing such an anti-Christian law.


A BIG RAVE to a good Samaritan. I saw you stopping on I-20 eastbound to help a lost dog Wednesday afternoon. You stopped on a busy highway to help this dog. You truly are a good Samaritan. This world needs more of you in it.


THE ONLY WAY to lower fuel costs is to end oil speculation and force all energy companies off the Wall Street trading floor.


PERHAPS GHSU SHOULD consider changing its initials to GHSE – Get Help Somewhere Else! It would be a fitting change considering the way a recent elderly relative of mine was treated.