Rants & Raves

TIGER WOODS SHOULD be fined for his filthy language while playing in the Masters.



I WISH SOMEONE at Augusta National would address the lack of facilities for the physically challenged all the way from handicap parking to being able to access all the course.


TO THE PERSON ranting about the stench at the Peach Orchard Post Office, that stench is not coming from the post office trash bin;, it’s coming from the trash bin belonging to the restaurant in the adjacent parking lot.


THIS WAS OUR FIRST time at the Masters, and it was great! We must say, however, that we were very disappointed that the Par-3 concert was canceled at the last minute. We headed downtown from our hotel only to find out the concert had been canceled. By that time, the weather was lovely. It seems like whoever organized this event was not watching the weather very closely.


I AM SHOCKED at how many parents attended the R-rated movie American Reunion with their children. This is a very sexually filled movie, with a lot of adult content and jokes. What is wrong with our society?


RANT FOR THE rabid smoking ban proponents on The Chronicle’s editorial staff. You guys should be required to carry a copy of Walter Williams’ column from April 5. Nothing contained in the ban-smoking amendments should trump the constitutionally provided protection of a person’s private property rights.


WHEN IS ENOUGH enough? Tiger Woods can cuss, throw his clubs, now kick his clubs, and he’s supposed to be a model for our kids and the game of golf? After kicking his club in Friday’s round, is he worth too much money for the Augusta National not to punish his behavior? Maybe this should be part of the latest video game release.


WHY ARE PEOPLE running amok all over? Women shoot up around the Waffle House, and one even leaves a gun at Taco Bell. The other day at Augusta Mall, I saw two ladies yelling and screaming at a real lady. Then they got into some car that had kids in it and chased a city bus to yell and give the finger to the bus the lady was riding in. Both women were in the back seat with kids. I say the driver should be ashamed to have driven them and to do that in traffic with kids in the back seat.