Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:


RAVES FOR OUR President and his perseverance on the health care legislation which brings us nearer to realizing our ideal of “one nation under god.”


I WANT TO THANK the man who saved my grandson by pulling him out of the window when our house was burning. Thanks again and God be with you.


FUNNY HOW RACISM is defined these days. A black person can admit that he voted for Obama only because of race, and that’s OK. But, if a white person admitted to voting against Obama because of race, he would be branded as racist. Also, a young black man is shot and thousands march and protest before the facts of the case are even known. But, let a black man shoot a policeman, and these same marchers are silent. There are two types of racism today: acceptable and unacceptable.


RANT TO THE NEW management team of The Patch. Even after a month, trees felled by the storm have not been removed.

They said ‘no’ to having long-running charity tournaments at the course that generated guaranteed revenue. They ran off regular paying customers. And now they want us – taxpayers – to give them $300,000 for improvements. What’s up with that? And did they think anything through?


I AGREE ABOUT the Southside Mafia needing to make a comeback. I had high hopes for my commissioner out here in Goshen but have also been disappointed. He seems to just go along with whatever Joe Bowles tells him to do.


THE NEW GEORGIA law raising taxes by taxing Internet purchases was a recommendation from a group called the “Special Council (so official sounding) on Tax Reform and Fairness for Georgians.” Anything put forward that’s called “fairness,” “affordable,” etc., is always the opposite of what the name implies. This is standard procedure from big government, Big Brother politicians. The supposed “conservatives” who support such Marxism are working for the left, even if they’re too egotistically stupid to realize it.


PEOPLE, PLEASE keep your children in your yard. Not everyone likes the creatures, especially their smell and all the other nasty things they do. Plus all their bad habits ... wonder where they picked those up from, not the cat!