Rants and raves

Comments from readers:



NOW THAT THE weather is getting warmer, the stench from the Dumpsters at the Post Office on Peach Orchard Rd is returning. I guess it is only fitting for south Augusta.


A RANT TO the old guy in a yellow shirt who took pickles from the salad bar. Thanks for using the tongs at least, but it is still called stealing because you did not pay for them at the check out counter. Someone saw you.


I THINK IT IS AMAZING how someone can get on the Rants & Raves and talk about whether the young boys who won the basketball championship can read. Why is it when young boys do something positive there is always something behind it, but when the boys at ASU won the golf championship, no one said anything bad about them? Don’t rain on those young boys’ parade. Those boys weren’t doing anything wrong.


I AM A 60-year-old male who had a quadruple bypass six months ago at University Hospital. Right after the operation the first thing the doctor asked me was: “When did you quit smoking, and how much did you smoke?” I said a cigarette has never touched my lips in my entire life. Second-hand smoke does kill. Thanks, smokers.


RANTS TO THE person who said we can’t blame Obama for high gas prices. Gas usage is down, not up. Obama is certainly to blame for no drilling. Get your facts right before you post in the Rants & Raves.


OUR PRIME RIVERFRONT property does not need to be wasted on student housing. That is a waste of our best real estate.


AZZIZ IS FOREVER in the paper. Who is responsible for bringing him here?


THE TRAYVON MARTIN killing is almost like Emmett Till. America, you should be ashamed of yourself. Where is the FBI at times like this? This is somebody’s baby. This sets America back 60 years.


I AM VERY disappointed they are castigating Mr. Zimmerman when he has proof and witnesses of what happened. These race hustlers and the president need to mind their own business.


TO ALL OF the female officers of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office: Why doesn’t one of you run for sheriff? We need a woman up there. They’ll straighten out the Sheriff’s Department. You’ve got my vote.