Rants & Raves



CONGRATULATIONS TO Aquinas High School for their outstanding presentation of Sweeney Todd. The cast performed this difficult score and script with great professionalism, and the staging and costumes made this a true Broadway-style production. Thank you to Director Lloyd and staff, the cast and crew, and Aquinas High School for a most enjoyable evening. Job well done students!


I FEEL RICK Santorum made a very harsh comment when he stated that having Obama re-elected would be better than electing Romney as president. To say that Obama would be the better choice is absurd. I could run the country a whole lot better than Obama.


IT BREAKS MY HEART to hear about the tragedies involving precious, little children. Children are a gift from God and deserve to be loved and cared for and have their needs met physically, mentally and emotionally.


MY GRANDSON AND I stood by the stage at the commons on St. Patrick’s Day and the two young men running the sound board talked on and on how they would “like to go burn one.” Needless to say I was shocked.


A RANT to the Richmond County Board of Education for requiring the FBLA students to travel home at 1 a.m. from their state competition in Atlanta Saturday. Compromising our kids’ safety to save a buck is unacceptable.


I JUST WANT TO RAVE about the teachers at McBean Elementary. You really make a difference in our children’s lives with how much you care about their education!


ONCE AGAIN, President Obama has injected himself into a racially charged situation without knowing all the facts.


A BIG RAVE to Davidson Fine Arts’ production of Beauty and the Beast. It was a wonderful show! All the students in the show were great; but the young man that played Lumiere, Harrison Callaghan, stole the show! I do believe this young man is as good as most on Broadway!


CHANCE AND HYDRICK Funeral Home buried my son recently. They are good people with lots of feelings for the family. They did a good job for my family.