Rants & Raves

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THE RANT ABOUT the recent picture of the bike riders: You beat me to it. I wanted to post a similar rant, but you said it much better than I could have. Thank you, thank you.


IT’S RIDICULOUS the commenters on the Rants & Raves who resort to lies, lies and more lies against the president. You can’t come up with real facts against him, so you keep putting lies out there over and over again as if you can brainwash others with it. The birth certificate thing is so over. Then you want to blame him without questioning all those millionaire oil and gas company moguls.


JUST WHEN I HOPED the world changed for the positive in some way, someone or some people bring down the level again. I thought it was bad just after 9/11 when people kept asking me what I am, as if I have to show them physical paper proof just because they demand it to “make sure” of what I am. Now they are judging any dark person who wears a hoodie as suspicious? That was a kid, just a teenage kid! I can remember years ago before 9/11, some guy was questioned just because he was dark and walking through a parking lot at MCG! When can we finally turn this chapter into the past about judging dark-skinned people so suspiciously that someone now shoots someone just for the way they look?


FOR THE RANTERS hinting that racism is the reason people are against Obama. Two things: These ranters are unable to defend any of Obama’s policies, and they are unable to compete in the arena of ideas. So all they are left with is, “Well, you just don’t like the color of his skin.” You that hated Bush need to look at his record. He had less unemployment than Obama. The national debt was a lot less than it’s now under Obama. Obama will tie Jimmy Carter as the worst president we have ever had. Do you want four more years with a president that spends money we don’t have and has said he is going to spend more money if he gets four more years?


THE LIBERAL MEDIA says that Occupy Wall Street is another civic group just like the tea party. Let’s see … Arrests at OWS gatherings: 4,149. Arrests at tea party gatherings: 0 (yes, that’s zero).