Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:



RICHMOND COUNTY Board of Education, how stupid do you think the public is? The same old story about the bus driver taking time off is the reason for the problems of the kids getting to school late. We sure are glad it’s an election year. Maybe someone will run against you people.


A RAVE for Aquinas High School who did a musical (Sweeney Todd) about a murderous barber who makes his victims into meat pies. It was totally amazing!


THE SE NATURAL Sciences Academy says it wants to “follow the same parcel of water as it goes downstream” in the Savannah River. Since flowing water constantly mixing and remixing, there are clearly no “parcels” to follow. As for the speed of the flow: they threw oranges into the water and couldn’t keep up with them. Wouldn’t it be more effective to just measure the water’s speed at intervals along the river and then take an average?


IN REFERENCE to a line in the article on the front page of the Metro on March 24: “... its visible areas need to be cleaned in case Masters visitors venture downtown.” WHAT? What this insinuates is that those of us that live, worship and work in Augusta are not worthy of the cleanup. I “venture” downtown EVERY DAY and I attend the festivals, eat at the great restaurants and buy from downtown merchants. Do the suits making these decisions and comments think my money isn’t green enough or my presence not elite enough to warrant a cleanup? This makes me angry enough that I have written my first ever rant … UGHHHHH!


OBAMA IS bankrupting America because of his wild spending. Obama stopped the pipeline from Canada and will not allow drilling for oil in new oil fields which could bring down the price of gas. Obama wants the price of gas to go to $8 to $10 a gallon like in Europe. Companies are scared to hire people because of the cost of Obamacare and the weak economy we have because of Obama. When you are elected president the problems of the country are your problems.


YOU HAVE GOT to be kidding me about wanting a smaller paper with less pages and therefore less news. You must not like to read much. I would assume that most readers WANT to see news, sports, The Pinch for savings tips and the many other categories and do not want less material.