Rants and raves

Comments from readers:



HOW COME THOSE griping uselessly against the president about the gas prices never blame the millionaires who profit by the millions of dollars on it? Because they are mainly Bush buddies?


I DON’T DRIVE. Why was someone ranting about wanting bicycles to be single file? I should think that if they are two to three side by side, they would not take up as much room on the road.


RAVES TO SATURDAY Market for the first March 24 opening. The rains had hit the area before I came down but I like what I found there. A new Middle Eastern food vendor had some tasty things and a healthful smoothie. I love the new selections of handbags from two vendors. And there was a great new lemongrass soap I can hardly wait to try out. I look forward to seeing more of you.


HEY, RICK SANTORUM, when is God going to tell you you are not presidential material at this time?


THANK GOODNESS for all the positives to the U.S. and the world that Obama has brought to us and for us. He’s gotten us better and fairer health care, he’s working on saving energy resources, and he’s gotten us allies to help us get rid of evil dictators without tying up more and more people in the military for years and years. So he’s undoing a lot of harm done by cowboy Bush. Thank goodness we will get Obama for four more years.


A RANT TO THE media and minorities who get caught up in the Trayvon Martin hype. These people no more care about the facts or Martin as they do in stirring up racial controversy.


ROMNEY PUT THROUGH a Massachusetts health care plan but complains about our president using the same plan for the whole of America. I hope he will use up his Cayman Island millions on his campaign so he can’t waste it away for something ridiculous in his later years. After all, Massachusetts pays for his health care, right?


A BIG RAVE TO the Aquinas High School Drama Club for its outstanding production of Sweeney Todd. A big rant to those too narrow-minded to recognize or understand satire, and too quick to condemn.


REPUBLICANS IN Washington need to leave Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid alone. People have paid into this all their working life and we deserve and need the benefits.