Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



MANAGEMENT, COACHES and players who have any part of this bounty scheme should be banned from the NFL. I hope any of these players who received a debilitating injury from these bounties gets good lawyers and sues anyone who had any part in their injury.


MY DEEPEST THANKS to the person who turned in my cellphone at the Washington Road Kroger.


PAINE COLLEGE students are protesting because they did not get their checks? I would have given anything if my kids had received a check while they were in college.


IF YOU BUY YOUR child a four-wheeler or a dirt bike, please don’t let them ride on someone else’s property. Take them somewhere where they can ride it. Don’t let them tear up someone’s property.


OUTRAGE OVER the young man in Florida is to be expected, and an investigation should ensue. However, let us be incensed over this and other similar incidents because it is wrong and not just because of the color of the victim/perpetrator. Let the Jesse Jacksons and Barack Obamas speak out with distaste no matter the demographics of the individuals involved. True unity needs to start now.


I’VE SEEN A couple of the new anti-smoking campaigns put out by the American Cancer Society, and the last one was just dumb — “Smoking caused me to lose my legs.” I think they should have to put a disclaimer in these commercials giving the actual statistics of smokers who lose their legs versus smokers who don’t. Talk about taking things to the extreme!


IF PRESIDENT Obama calls those who understand the limitations of alternative energy sources “flat earthers” and his alternative energy is so great why doesn’t Obama take a Fisker Motors Karma on his next vacation? After all, over $500 million in tax money went to fund the car being built in Finland.


THE POLITICIANS AND Wall Street executives all have excuses for rising gas prices. But the real reason is plain and simple. Greed. I do not have a problem with people being greedy; in the end they will be judged. The problem is that high fuel prices will destroy our country.


A QUESTION TO the person who doesn’t like Sweeney Todd. What’s your favorite Tony Award-winning musical?