Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



I AM NOT WORRIED about the high gas prices. I am so happy and I thank God for the war ending and our troops coming home. The economy is getting better. Give God the glory.


THIS IS THE 21st century. Birth control has been around for a long time. A person with three children under the age of 3, who leaves them home alone, does not deserve to be bonded out of jail.


PEOPLE DON’T WANT to see babies breast-fed in public but will tolerate someone walking around with his pants to his knees.


I HAVE SEEN BUDGET cuts and termination of staff, all to save money since I went to work 40 years ago. What it has shown me is the millions they are going to save will just be spent on something else.


TO COLUMBIA COUNTY Foundation for Children, thank you for the assistance given to my grandchildren last Christmas. I apologize for sending this so late.


WE WOULD LIKE to give a big rave to the Rich­mond County Sheriff‘s Office. They worked diligently to find our stolen equipment and metal. The two thieves have been charged. Thank you again.


A RAVE TO THE NICE couple that paid for our food at Ryan’s in North Augusta on March 9. We received a gift card for our 63rd anniversary. The cashier told us it had not been activated. The individual told the cashier to put it on his card.


I QUIT THE GYM. These darn carpenter bees are keeping me hopping. I’ve lost 20 pounds chasing and killing these suckers. Is there a better way than a fly swatter?


WITH ALL THE talk of combining the two colleges in Augusta, and all that goes along with these changes, including vast amounts of money to be spent, one would think Dr. Azziz would be at least a little concerned about patient care at MCG. The mother of a dear friend was hospitalized there recently and received some of the worst care I have ever heard of. When they spoke up, the answer they received was, “What do you expect from a publicly funded hospital?” I would say there is a real problem here.


LEAF BLOWER GUYS, stop blowing the leaves off the sidewalk into the road so that the cars can blow them right back onto the sidewalk. You’re not making Augusta beautiful for the Masters; you’re just wasting the money people paid you.