Rants & Raves



WE NEED TO bring all of our military back to the United States. We are at war here with the drug cartels. They are ruining the United States. They are killing our children. We need help. We need our military.


GIVING PEOPLE food stamps is utterly ridiculous while the old folks are doing without a lot of things we need.


I HAVE BEEN called “un-Christian” because I do not believe national health care will solve any problems. First of all, what does my religion have to do with it? Second, the ones who have health care now are the ones who will have it then. No one can force anyone to buy insurance. So you really think the ones who choose not to buy now will buy it because the government tells them to?


OVER A MONTH ago, someone decided to dispose of old carpeting by tossing it on the side of the road at Harding Road and Floyd Drive. Recently, another outstanding resident decided to further beautify it by adding a couple of old tires. Needless to say, some other trash has been added to the pile. Apparently, the people and the commissioner of that area have decided they like it. I drive past there at least two times a day and I find it disgusting. Richmond County can use prisoners on work gangs to cut the grass and weeds in that area; why can’t they get a work crew out there to clean up this mess?


A HUGE RAVE to the ER staff at University Hospital for their immediate response on a Sunday morning when we arrived with my husband having a heart attack, and to the staff of the Cardiovascular Department for the quick and professional care and kindness to me since I am partially disabled. But most of all to Dr. Kraig Wangsnes and his crew for their quick action and his expertise in the procedures performed that saved my husband’s life, and probably mine, for after 62 years of marriage I can’t imagine surviving long without him. Thanks to all of you and God bless you all.


I WAS SO PROUD of the appearance of the young men on the sports page last Wednesday in their white shirts and ties. They looked like winners because they are winners! God bless the future for them all. I wish I could hug all of them.


A RANT TO the old guy in a yellow shirt Friday at noon who took pickles from the salad bar. Thanks for using the tongs, at least, but it is still stealing because you did not pay for them at the checkout counter. Someone saw you.