Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



WHY DOES THIS PAPER and network TV think everyone is a basketball fanatic? Why are the major network channels taken up for this silly game, when there are enough cable channels to air these games?


I AM GLAD TO see The Southside Coalition is backing a great man for sheriff. The Southside has been ignored too long. The Downtown Cabal has taken over virtually every part of Augusta’s government and if they get their hand selected yes-man elected sheriff, the Southside will suffer even more. If former Sheriff Charlie Webster is backing Silas, then so am I.


BIG RAVES AND KUDOS to Ms. Sylvia for keeping us posted on the political scene in “City Ink.” And to keep reminding us of the negative facts on any candidate. I can’t believe the brass of someone running for an office when it’s been documented in print how he faked an ID on a comment board in order to post praise to himself (Roundtree). Also, how he carelessly left work files of cases in his old apartment, as well as having caused a problem with staff by fooling around with female officers. I also have to wonder about Mr. Ivey when he noted he had thought about retirement since he’s 65. How many more years can we see of him in a top post, no offense meant? It’s a tough call about Peebles and Silas but Peebles does have about six years more of experience to bring to the top cop job. May the best man win!


SEEMS THERE are a lot more crimes against children these days. Beating them to death, child molestation, abuse, etc. Local news, papers, everywhere. It truly is sad to hear about. What has gone wrong with our country?


A SADLY MISLED ranter believes free market capitalism caused the U.S. to now owe China big money. If we’d HAD free market capitalism, we’d not owe that money. Alas, we’ve not had free market capitalism for a while now, particularly under Obama, who is strictly a Marxist.


HUGE RANT FOR the murder of civilians in Afghanistan ... horrible. That soldier should never see the light of day if he is proved sane. I’m fed up with our Afghan buddies too. Why would we try to save their country only to murder them in their beds? It makes no sense. Let’s get out and take our money with us! UNGRATEFUL FOLKS!