Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:



HERE’S TO Rick San­torum trying to become the first Christian president.


IT IS A CRYING SHAME that Sheriff Strength will retire, but he’s worked so long and hard, he deserves time off to be with his family. I sure hope that the next person will be as dedicated to fighting the criminals as Strength has. One person we don’t need is one who has shown he was careless in the past to even leave behind official information in a personal residence that he had left. Nor do we need that person who would use his office to write up false compliments about himself as from a “concerned mother.”


BILL KIRBY had some right sassy thoughts about “stupid” which really need to be adopted. I say that people who do stupid things should get an ID that is stamped in red outlines of the word “stupid” right across there. And that they have to pay for such an ID to be made, with the other regular driver’s license or photo ID confiscated so they have to show up that “stupid.”


FOR THOSE OF YOU ranting about the money being spent on a new radio system in Columbia County, if you had someone you love out there with a radio that sometimes didn’t work just right, you would want them to have the best system there is, regardless of the cost. The men and women of CCSO deserve our support. They risk their lives every single day for you and they deserve the very best!


I REALLY WISH THE coach of Evans High’s baseball team realizes he’s got fans in the stands for team members that are seniors and don’t even get to play an inning. Just in case you haven’t noticed, y’all are having a losing season so far, so why not put in the seniors who never get to play?


PLEASE DON’T TAKE THIS the wrong way. I love this country, but according to the GOP experts, all we need to do is keep the big government out of the way and let free market capitalism work. Then why is it we owe China trillions of dollars?


A BIG RANT TO all the lazy people who don’t put up the shopping carts at stores. The carts could roll and hit someone’s car or truck.


LIBERALS LOVE TO speak of “a woman’s choice” when it comes to many things, including contraception. Alas, they carefully omit a woman’s choice to abstain.