Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



AH, SPRINGTIME IN Augusta, when the pine trees sneeze pollen all over the place.


I GUESS THE Augusta Com­mission can do whatever it wants behind closed doors.


WHAT WOULD BE wrong with renaming the South­ern Baptists the Great Com­mission Bap­tist Church? Wouldn’t such a highfalutin’ name boost the convention’s corporate image?


BIG RANT TO the elected officials of Rich­mond County. What are we paying you for? Why can’t any of you, leadership included, take the initiative to do something about this outdated town? Regency Mall has been an eyesore for almost 20 years. Now it is probably beyond repair. This structure could have been converted to an outlet mall or something to bring some revenues and visitors into the city.


THANKS TO ALL who stopped and helped my son and his girlfriend on Mike Padgett Highway in the rain. You made sure they were OK and helped us get our truck out of the ditch. I want to thank all that helped us out that night.


A RANT FOR the online commenters of the Rants & Raves. Can you please trade e-mail addresses for your “good mornings” and YouTube posts instead of clogging up the discussion boards?


A HUGE RANT TO the fine, upstanding citizen who walked off with my wife’s only winter coat Feb. 24 at Columbia County park during my daughter’s seventh birthday party. My wife’s been dealing with cancer since October of this past year. Hope you are warm and cozy wearing it. I hope you see this and guilt overwhelms you each time you go to put her coat on.


WHY ARE ALL THESE Walmarts coming to the Augusta area?


WHY WOULD ANYONE think it correct that we should pay for contraception protection for another’s promiscuity?


LET’S STOP SOME of the crime. If murderers were sentenced to die, then hanged on the courthouse lawn for a few days for everyone to see, as they did in the early 1900s, people might have second thoughts and decide not to kill someone.