Rants & Raves



DOES ANYONE IN this town have turn signals on their cars, or did the manufacturer forget to put them on your model?


AMERICA, WE NEED shovel-ready jobs and we need oil. With the Keystone pipeline gone, our last best hope is dowsing for oil. All that’s required is a divining rod, sturdy shoes and a Forrest Gump-like dedication to explore America on foot.


IT LOOKS LIKE the city is about to chalk up more loss on our Municipal Golf Course if they give The Patch operators that $300,000 of sales tax money for upkeep of the course. What a ridiculous contract that firm was given.


THE COLUMBIA COUNTY Commission accepted a nearly $7 million bid to purchase a new radio system for the sheriff’s office? To whom do they want to talk, the space shuttle?


MY TRIP THROUGH retail store and mall parking lots shows a direct correlation to low income and low tire air pressure. With gas headed for $5 per gallon, gas mileage would increase a lot with proper tire air pressure and clean engine air filters. Come on local churches, organize Saturdays to inspect tires, lights, air filters and help your congregations.


GAS WENT UP during the Bush administration, and Democrat protesters were all over the place. Gas has now gone up 32 days in a row (to well past $3.50 a gallon), yet they haven’t said anything. The “D” in Democrat must stand for duplicity.


HOW MUCH MORE can NASCAR and the NASCAR media cover Danica Patrick? She is a mediocre driver, and there are many male drivers as good who never get a single interview.


BARBARIANS LIVING in the sixth century are at our gates. Now is the time to get all U.S. personnel out of Afghanistan.


DFCS, YOUR JOB is to help us, not put us on hold. You’re no better than us; you’re probably getting more food stamps than we are.


I’M SICK OF seeing boys’ butts and underwear hanging out. If Augusta has (and I know they do) an indecent exposure law, then enforce it. Maybe this could be a good step in stopping the crime in this town. It’s not a fashion statement, it’s vulgar.


HOW DO THEY expect people to mail packages if they close the Post Office? They need to leave it open.