Rants & Raves

A RANT TO a Richmond County middle school that does not have the courage to defend its teachers. It always backs the thuggery and its parents. I’m out of here; off to Columbia County I go.


IF A TEACHER doesn’t like her deal with a school, nobody will stop her from resigning. Neither the world nor the taxpayer owes anybody a living.

COLUMBIA COUNTY – not a giant county, by any means – plans to spend “nearly $7 million” for a new radio system. Can a few radios, no matter how good, and a few towers really cost millions?

RANT TO THE Lakeside Middle School principal – the Charlie Rape Gang sounds like a good old boy cover-up.

RANT TO THE Feb. 22 published editorial about the Asian offensive phrase. Obviously, you have no Asian on your editorial staff so you can have the viewpoint of someone who does not care for slang words against one’s race.

WHY DOES RICARDO Azziz take over a “handicapped only” parking spot on the ASU campus? Shame!

A RANT ABOUT the Walmart coming to 15th Street. I think it needs to come to Sand Bar Ferry Road. We have more than 500 families living in this area. Do the mayor and commission think we don’t need a grocery store?

THE CARTOON ABOUT Whitney Houston in the paper is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen in The Augusta Chronicle. Who is he to portray Houston’s life as a trash can?

CONGRATULATIONS TO the parents, students, teachers, conductors and composers at the 10th District Honor Bands Concert. It was magnificent. We were all very honored to be there and are looking forward to the next performance. Thank you so much for your extraordinary efforts. The news media need to call attention to these teenagers more often.

I’M TIRED OF hearing about Christians being killed by Muslims. If the United Nations was worth a flip, they would do something about it.

WE LOVE THE downtown library and use it weekly.

THE REPUBLICAN candidates need to get their act together and put a halt to all the nitpicking about who is the most conservative candidate and other side issues. They need to focus on solutions to the devastating problems facing our nation and on restoring the USA.