Rants and Raves

JUST TO REMIND everyone that in July 2008, gas was $4.11 per gallon and we were smack in the middle of a war that ended over 4,000 brave soldiers’ lives and cost billions. Bin Laden was alive and well, and none other than George Bush was leading our country.


TO THE PERSON WHO accidentally hit my parked gold Camry at the 5 O’clock Bistro on Sunday night, Feb. 19, it is not too late to make it right. The owners of the restaurant have my contact info. Thank you.

SURELY THE TEACHERS do not make $275 a day (the article about nine furlough days). I don’t know many Augusta citizens who make this kind of money. Surely there is an error here, or we are paying teachers too much money.

THE ‘CHRONICLE’ reported that about 30 people showed up for the River Glen anti-violence rally, and judging from the photos, many of those were young children. I assume there are hundreds of people living there. The situation will not improve until the community is willing to police itself. Call the police; identify the criminals. They are not your friends.

THE ONLY SPECIAL purpose local option sales tax I will vote for would be for a very large jail. We can’t keep letting violent criminals back on the streets and expect to have a civilized society.

RAVE TO Judge Jack Early for denying bond to Stephon Carter. Anyone charged with murder should not be allowed on the streets.

A RANT FOR THE situation at River Glen apartments. This cannot be solved by police. It is the product of illegitimate babies, welfare mothers and fathers who are nonexistent.

I HIGHLY COMMEND the family of Whitney Houston for making the decision to have her funeral service in the church where her musical roots began. This was very appropriate and more dignified than having an all-out circus show atmosphere. What did not seem right was for Jesse Jackson to be up front and center on the pulpit area.

WHAT A WASTE of time and money for UGA to hold a symposium about the impact of the TV program The Simpsons. The impact is totally negative to society and the beginning of the slippery slope to the disrespectful attitude we see everywhere.

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