Rants & Raves

Comments from readers.



I JUST READ in The Chronicle that River Glen Apartments had its third homicide since May. Columbia County, this is a preview of what you are getting into with Magnolia Trace.


THE EDITORIAL PAGE in a Sunday paper was smudged with black ink, which is a black eye against an otherwise strong paper. You would never find this on the Sports page.


AS WE COME toward another election year, blacks are so overwhelmed because Presi­dent Obama was the first black president, but look at what he has done. As a black person, I don’t think he has done very much for me. He has not put any black people in his Cabinet, at least not a straight-up black man. He had the chance to put a black woman judge on the Supreme Court, but he chose a Hispanic woman. I’ve been a Dem­ocrat all my life.


RANT TO THE North Augusta police. Why is it we can enforce an ordinance that will stop people from making a dollar or two to buy food, but we can’t enforce a state ordinance on noise? Go ask at the high school and listen.


RAVE TO TREY ALLEN for speaking to us tonight about the construction mayhem in Springlakes. We may not agree on everything, but you were there to answer our questions and give us up-to-date information. Thank you.


DID YOU KNOW that it cost us taxpayers $1.6 billion (yes, billion) to fund the free cellphone program for the low-income population in 2011? It looks to me that there must be a lot of fraud and abuse going on. By the way, I don’t have a cellphone and manage my life without a problem!


GOD GAVE Whitney Houston a beautiful voice, a beautiful face and riches. She threw it all away for powder up her nose and a needle in the arm. How sad. I hope all the druggies out there and those who are tempted to just try illegal drugs one time will see this as the cautionary tale it is for all those who think they can beat the odds.


RAVE FOR Dr. Palmer and his staff at the Walmart optometry department, Deans Bridge Road. He worked late to ensure that my daughter had contacts for her soccer practice and game.